Thursday, January 15, 2009

Free Margarita's at Grant Park's new Tin Lizzy Cantina!

Last night, the ladies of the Flaccidity "Book Club" made our way to try out the newest addition to Grant Park's Memorial Corridor, the Tin Lizzy Cantina. We were excited to have a new Mexican restaurant right in our neighborhood (1.8 miles from my doorstep)- it's been exhausting trekking all the way (all 2.5 miles) to East Atlanta's plethora of Mexican restaurant choices.

How can you not love a place named Tin Lizzy? After all, it is phonetically spelled the way my beloved Irish relatives pronounce the name of the legendary hard rock band Thin Lizzy. Fantastic.

But another reason you can't help but love it: the margaritas are flowing, and no one is charging - for now anyway. When I got there, Kristi and Carrie had been waiting for about 10 minutes already, with promises that the wait would be about 20 minutes. Not so much- we waited about an hour for table. We didn't mind so much though because the very friendly waitstaff would deliver directly to us fresh drinks every time they noticed we were empty-handed. Which in this group of lush ladies is often. Very smart business practice, kids. Without those margs we definitely would have headed down the block to Six Feet Under's new location.

Tin Lizzy's ambiance is lively, bustling, and loud with fun mainstream rock n' roll. As you may have gathered based on our wait time, it was slam crowded which is great for them in their first week open.

When we finally sat at our table, the manager came over to check on us and offer up whatever he could to make us happy. When I heckled him about being drunk with power, he responded that he was merely drunk with hospitality. Well played, sir. He brought us over yet another whole pitcher of strong margaritas on the house.

The food was fine- their "best-selling" fried fish taco was good but didn't hold a candle to El Myr's delicious grilled tilapia taco or Taqueria del Sol's fish taco with the incredible lemon sauce. The best thing we had was the fresh homemade guacamole. And I did appreciate that you could get your tacos on whole wheat tortillas at no extra charge.

And our bill for 5 of us eating and drinking with gluttony: $47.86. Not bad at all. And not a single alcohol charge.

All in all, Tin Lizzy's Cantina is a certainly a welcome addition to our Grant Park neighborhood. Even if I did wake up with a start at 5am with a mild headache and Bon Jovi's Bad Medicine running through my brain. Prior to that I had slept a beautiful tequila-blessed slumber.


Unknown said...

Oh, it was indeed wonderful!! And hilarious that we were all drunk and heading home by 9:42 pm. That's right, home before 10:00. Hilarious.

Reem Tara said...

Bad Medicine?? Oh no! Not a good song to fall asleep to, or wake up to, I think...

This place sounds great! Seriously good marketing...I'm impressed.

And I like your use of quotes on "Book Club." I have my first "Book Club" meeting this Sunday, and I still have to "read' the "book."

Sara Ashes said...

haha, at least you have a "designated book". We haven't had that in awhile!

The funniest part about the Bon Jovi song is that it was the part where it's building up:

Thant's what you GET for FALLIN in LOVE (then you bleed)

You get a little but its NEVER ENOUGH


yeah that part. over and over and over.

Sex Toy Lady said...

Oh, that place sounds wonderful! Wonder how long they are throwing in the free margaritas?! I can't wait to check that place out!