Monday, October 15, 2007

Dedicated to all those who have watched me lovingly while I twirl in my dining room

One of my favorite pastimes is dancing by myself in my house. My dancing is less dance-like, more straight-up spinning in circles. People marvel that I don’t get dizzy and fall; I always get dizzy but I rarely fall. Those who have had the experience of being in my audience (a.k.a indulging me) for such a display are all part of a handful of people in Atlanta who are the most dear to my heart.

My favorite music to spin to for the last year or so has been the first Band of Horses album, Everything All the Time. Just last Tuesday they released their second album Cease to Begin and I'm happy to say that it is just as twirl-worthy. Pitchfork Records wrote a great review and observed:

Thousands of land-locked miles from the Great Salt Lake, this cross-country change of scenery is subtly apparent: If Everything All the Time was a Pacific Northwest indie album with flourishes of country and Southern rock, then Cease to Begin reverses the equation.

So here is Band of Horses performing their wonderful song Great Salt Lake from last night’s show at the Park Tavern. The boys in the band were lovely, warm, and rockin as always and indeed, felt more Southern than ever. This video post is dedicated to the people who have watched me twirl on those wonderful nights and to my sister Reem, the other biggest Band of Horses fan I know.

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rosie said...

Beautiful Band of Horses clip! Thanks for sharing :)