Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Car parts, bottles, and cutlery... or whatever I find lying around."

Bjork! Tonight at the Fox Theater in Atlanta.

She is part panda, part butterfly. She dances like a child listening to her favorite song. Waves her hands palms out, skips and marches at the same time, her arms pierce the air replicating the exact sounds of the percussion. Every note from her lips, throat is perfect, true, whole. She wrestles with space then breaks free from invisible chains in an explosion. She is supported by an Icelandic brass orchestra made up of young women in tribal wear while the men in her band weave complicated tapestries of electronic sound. She charges controls masters the stage, the space. In the audience boyz dance widely with abandon and girlz clasp their hands near their lips in anticipation. Green beams of light and silver confetti fill the air above our heads. She utters "thank you, thank you." quickly quietly adorably.

Thank you, thank you William for taking me! Here's some shaky video of Bjork performing Hyperballad. The boyz kept dancing in front of me and my camera- not that I'm complaining. They were beautiful and the sound is what's important. Keep watching, at about 2:30 she dances like a beautiful crazy person and the lights start sweeping.

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Vanessa said...

you are a talented writer, sara. keep these blogs coming.