Friday, August 17, 2007

For fans of Cordele and Rome, Georgia

From the Cordele Dispatch: Ms. Juanita Jones realizes the crack she just bought is fake and calls the cops hoping they'll help her get her money back. Can you hear me sobbing? I suppose it's more like whimpering.

Reaffirming my Rome, GA pride, in much better news, the Rome News Tribune's Editorial Board has struck another blow against Georgia's draconian sex offender law. They reference the fact that the law renders almost all of Georgia unliveable for people on the registry, yet also makes it illegal to be homeless- with a first time penalty being 10-20 years in prison. For being caught homeless a second time, it requires a mandatory life in prison sentence.

The Rome Editorial Board refers to the law as "asinine... draconian, over-the-top, punishment after the price to society has already been paid" and then goes so far to compare the state of Georgia to the Taliban for this practice. Hilarious!

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Red-Handed Jill said...

Yay Rome! Finally got something right!