Sunday, March 16, 2008

Goodbye Two-Headed Pegasus

Its no secret that I love street art. I am drawn to the ones that are pink, blue, and are designs that make me smile. One of my favorite pieces - besides the Blah Girls of course - is this two-headed pegasus/donkey/kangaroo playful beast that was wheat-pasted on the Marta wall on Wylie Street in Cabbagetown. Its been there for at least 6 months and I grin every time I drive by it.

Just about two weeks ago I finally pulled over to take a picture of it:

I had meant to document it ages ago and despite always having my camera in my purse, just never stopped the car to shoot it.

I'm so glad I stopped that afternoon a couple weeks ago, because as I drove down Wylie Street this afternoon, I saw that the Two-Headed Beast got blown away with the tornado.

Goodbye, Sweet Beast! Thank you to your creator for the many, many Cabbagetown smiles you brought me.


Artwork by KD said...

Wow. Such a great picture and story... I love the color.

Tara said...

Wow Atlanta really had some amazing street art! Great pictures too!