Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Tornado in Cabbagetown

I'm having a hard time making sense of last night's tornado that plowed through downtown and Cabbagetown. Walking and driving around today showed me how extensive the damage is in our neighborhood. These pictures do not do it justice; I took most of them out of a car window. For far better pictures, check out the AJC's Cabbagetown Gallery.

The first place I wanted to check was Oakland Cemetery.

This is taken from the front gate- the Cemetery is totaly closed due to trees being down and debris everywhere.

A closer shot of the many trees blocking the path into the Cemetery.

On Memorial Drive, there is damage everywhere. Where windows didn't explode from the windows, they were shattered by flying debris.

The repairs are beginning in some places. Corkboard and pywood is replacing what used to be windows that were destroyed by the tornado.

Every little street you peek down in Cabbagetown looks like this- trees barricading the road, people trying to make sense of the damage.

This is the same wall pictured in the banner at the top of my blog. Notice the tree pulled up by its roots and the Blah Girl on the emergency call box.

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