Saturday, November 29, 2008

For Emil

For Love and Loss, 11" x 14", acrylic, paper, and beads on canvas.

I painted this for my little brother Emil earlier this month for his birthday. I started out doing something totally different but this is what happened (perhaps he'll get the original thought for Christmas). The words on the scraps of paper that are sort of bursting out from the sides of the heart are from DeVotchKa's song "Dearly Departed". It's about the dark and light parts that come together to create deep love. I'm really happy with this piece which is a bit unusual for me. Most of the time I focus on some part that I couldn't get right and can't get past it. This one though turned out just right, and better than I had hoped.


Tara said...

Oh it's absolutely beautiful! I love art with anatomical hearts, I've been searching Etsy for a print with one but couldn't find what I was looking for. Beautiful piece, Sara!

Unknown said...

Beautiful and very creative! I like it!

Briana said...

gorgeous, Sara.