Sunday, November 9, 2008

November in the North Georgia Mountains

Driving up to the North Georgia mountains, the sun set highlighting the majesty of the purple-red mountains. Landscape marred briefly by a number of signs that read “McCain not Hussein”, I recovered quickly by queuing up Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet and let it run loud. I take pictures over the steering wheel as I drive.

Underneath a star-filled approaching-midnight sky (see OPI nail lacquer Russian Navy), I listened to the stories of the proud mother of two of the stout men that make up Bang Camaro. I can’t help but grin quietly while my hot tub-wet bangs curl on my forehead.

The lovely weekend rolls out, full of delicious food including Sandy's deftly discovered real whipped cream/crack-filled fresh-baked donuts, Georgia barbeque and collectively built homemade meals with gallons of wine. Note: as tempting as it was, we did not eat the Confederate Hotdogs.

All the while the backdrop was the beautiful mountain:

the brightest reds, oranges and yellows that define autumn:

and breathtaking sunsets, preludes to crystal clear glimpses of Orion

all framed and embraced by beautiful people I am so lucky to be welcomed by.

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Reem Tara said...

Absolutely beautiful photographs, sissy! It sounds like an amazing weekend. Okay, and the links in this entry? Brilliant, especially "confederate hot dog" and "bang camaro!" Thank you! xxoo