Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Naughty Arabic

This is an oldy but a goody, prompted by our discussion that the words "El Paso" in Arabic mean "his panties". Its pronounced more like "El Baso" because the Arabs don't have P sound and thus drink Bebsi on Beachtree Street. Don't even get me started on when they have to stop at the BB Gas Station.

We have ridiculously juvenile senses of humor around here. We love Arabic words that sound like naughty English words. Here is a list of some of them- we admit that some of them are kind of a stretch and some are used very rarely but are nonetheless, hilarious. Credit goes to Emil for his genius on the original version and Mohammad for proofreading this new version.

Yufakker (pronounced- You fucker): "he is thinking."

Wadthafak (wha-the-fuck) : if said as a question, means "did he hire you?, as a statement, means "he hired you." Example conversation: "Wadthafak Emil?" "La! Wathafak!"

Faqat (fuck-it): only

Faqr (fucker): poverty

Fuggham (Fugg 'em. Pronounce drunkenly): to permeate

Shitty (SHIT-Tee): winter (Lebanese dialect)

Faq (fuck): to knock out, gouge out

Fak (fuck): redemption

hur (whore): lake

Hur (whore): having eyes with a marked contrast of white and black. Example: "Reem wa Sara intu Hur."

Yufakk (you fuck): loosened

Shit (Shit!): to burn, especially food.

Fart (fart): excess or exaggeration.

Butt (butt): Duck

Dam: blood

Hauz (hoes): possession

homo: command to "go around" something, a house, a block. Example: "Mohammad! Laith! Luai! Homo fil souk!"


Emil said...

Air ("Ayer" pronounced as one syllable): dick

tease (teez): ass

And more to come when I have my dictionary in front of me!

Emil said...


Nick (pronounced "Neek", like a foreigner would say it): Fuck

tell anyone you know named Nick that they should go by Nicholas in the Middle East!

Reem Tara said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! thank god you put this one up. Ah jeez. We rule.

Emil said...

Mladenka and I were walking downtown, and for some reason we began talking about how plural forms of English words can be very confusing for ESL students. Like "fish." It should be "fishes," why not? It would be less confusing. Which made me think of "fish" and "fishes" in Arabic.

Singular: samak.

Plural: as-maak, or "ass smack"