Monday, May 19, 2008

New Blog: The Cheddar Path

My friend and co-worker Kori just started a blog on social entrepreneurship, progressive philanthropy and community based economics, check it out!:

"We recognize that at this moment in US political history, the nonprofit organizational structure is the primary model used to organize around progressive politics, launch campaigns and respond to attacks. However, that structure has become tied to a model of fund raising that is highly unsustainable. The majority of US nonprofit organizations depend solely on a system of philanthropy in which the wealth of large foundations funds their work. Once those foundations decide to stop funding organizations, as they often do, the organization and its work are stuck dead in the water.

There has been a growing movement for social entrepreneurship, such as for-profit ventures largely independent of philanthropy that aim to solve social challenges, that has picked up momentum in recent years. The Cheddar Path then aims to be a forum that explores this field, as well as progressive philanthropy and community based economics.

There are better ways to feed our movement. Let us discover these pathways together."

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