Sunday, August 17, 2008

Foghorn Leghorn with devil ghosties

This is my new piece of art that I got today from the Slotin Folk Art Fest.

Its by an artist named Jonesy who has recently relocated from San Francisco to Atlanta and will soon be working at East Atlanta Tattoo.

I love it because the ghosts are cuddly and drippy and one is even devilish. Not to mention the giant bird that makes me think of Foghorn Leghorn, a character that has become quite dear to me after years of working with seersucker-wearing Georgia politicians that sometimes sound just like him.

I really love this bird's stupid feet. So stupid! Anyway I love it and I can't wait to put it up. Thanks Jonesy!

1 comment:

Reem Tara said...


You sound more and more like dad every day. "So stupid..."

All joking aside, that art is effing awesome!