Monday, August 25, 2008

Haikus for Tropical Storm Fay

It's pouring outside
Better find an umbrella!
(Craving mac n' cheese)

Strong winds toss the car
I am bounced through highway lanes
Concentrating hard.

Rain makes smooth hair curl
When I'm safe inside, chopsticks
hold locks off my neck.

Rain amputation!
Broken limbs sprawled on the roof
Trees are the victims


StrangeCaptain said...

I love haikus so much. I wrote haikus about math to my students last year, and I think some of them probably need therapy now to get over it. Here is one back at you from Toulouse:

Wistful hearts toast
The breeze of autumn's foreplay
With summer plum wine.

Sara Ashes said...

oh, spectacular! I love it- Thank you!

Sometimes my bossy writes me haikus about the prison system - I effing love them.