Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Mouse in the House

A mouse just ran through the committee room I'm in at the Capitol! Oh the screaming! More like squealing actually. It was a teeny tiny mouse really. And all the nice Southern ladies are now trying to sit cross-legged on these pews in their skirt suits and high heels.

But the best part was my friend Sandy's reaction- had there been a table she would have jumped up on it. Instead, she picked up all of her 70 huge law/textbooks off the floor and slammed them on the bench on top of me. Same was done with her 3 bags. And she was practically hyperventilating. I had to work so hard to hold it together and not bust out laughing!

I kept feeling like someone should come in here and "do something"- I mean, what place has more resources than this place in the state of Georgia? That would have been ridiculous though, if a poor Capitol security guard was forced to chase a mouse while the legislators discussed admissibilty of similar transactions.

I was bitching earlier about how it should be illegal from them to make us come to the Capitol in the summer, but this was totally worth it.


Reem Tara said...

TOTALLY worth it! And I love the whole "somebody should do something mentality," because inevitably, it would have just added to the chaos. Can you imagine like...I don't know...a legislator running around with a broom or something? Awesome.

Sara Ashes said...

a legislator with a broom- classic!! and a cigar hanging out of his mouth- wearing seersucker and a bowtie of course- and yelling "Sir, I SAY SIR, there is a MOUSE in the HOUSE!!"

Layla said...

aaaahhhhhhh HAHAHAHA...Sara I was totally picturing these proper southern women trying to sit with their feet up in their tight skirts. I have no idea how you did not burst out laughing!! I wonder how some of these women would react with spiders?!?!?

Sara Ashes said...

not well, Layla! Not well at all. :)