Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do this right now.

Do it. Send a text to 90999 with the message "Troy" and a letter will be sent on your behalf to the Georgia Parole Board asking for mercy and clemency on behalf of Troy Davis, a possibly innocent man who has been on Georgia's death row for the last 18 years.

It's that easy to take action right now, thanks to the great work of Laura Moye and all at Amnesty International.

Earlier this evening, 850 people gathered at the Georgia State Capitol to call for justice for Troy Davis- 7 out of the 9 eyewitnesses who helped convict him have since recanted their testimony; there has been abundant evidence of police and prosecutorial misconduct.

Tomorrow morning the Parole Board will consider his case and sometime between now and his scheduled execution date of September 23 they will decide his fate.

One of the most amazing, chilling, beautiful and difficult moments of tonight's rally was while Martina Correia, Troy's amazing beautiful sister, was speaking, Troy called her cell from death row and spoke to all who were gathered about the need to keep fighting for justice, for all people in prison, not just him. He sounded hopeful and calm and spoke eloquently and forcefully.

Troy and Martina's strength amaze me. Despite all that is going on with her brother, Martina still managed to check in with me this week because she was worried about the well-being of someone we mutually care for who is locked up. Here is Martina was speaking about her brother's case at a rally in May:

Please also take a moment to send a letter on behalf of Jack Alderman, who is scheduled to be executed on Tuesday September 16th. The Parole Board denied him clemency without even allowing him a hearing. It is stunning, shocking, that Georgia would give the most severe, ultimate, permanent punishment without even hearing the condemned's appeal. Please send a letter to the Board asking at the very least for a hearing for Mr. Alderman.

Thanks so much, friends.


Layla said...

Sara I tried to send the text, but it came bouncing back to my phone. I think I need a full phone number to send the text? Also I remember awhile ago sending a letter to the Parole Board about Troy Davis, did he get a stay of excution then? So, is he back on death row again or has he never gotten off yet?

Sara Ashes said...

weird... it worked for me. But in the alternative, you can send a letter from the Amnesty site at:

Yes, you did send a letter last year- he came within 24 hours of being executed and there was a stay. However, the stay was lifted and we are back int he same place we were then with his execution now scheduled for the 23rd. This is another effort to stop it.

Thanks Layla!!