Friday, September 21, 2007

Coming Home

Heading home to Chicago this afternoon for the weekend. I miss the City, the people, the Lake. I've been obsessing about Deep Dish Pizza, mmmmm.

I love Falltime in Chicago, even though I think its still a bit warm there now. I love the breeze.

These pictures are from a year ago, my September 2006 trip. This trip was also the one where I blinged out Reem's cast after she fell at Little River Canyon and we had to airlift her out. What a day! The bonus was that she got to have the most glam cast ever.


Reem Tara said...

to be fair, i wasn't really airlifted. but i did have to climb up a steep wall wearing only my bathing costume and a very short dress, with sara and mica right below my butt. whoops a daisy.

and yes, that cast was ALMOST worth it.

Sara Ashes said...

Also remember I made a "sling" for you out of a blue batik sarong with yin yangs to help you with the steep climb.

Sa-wrong? I say sa-right!

Your dress, as I recall, was more of a semi-long shirt. whoops a daisy indeed!