Saturday, September 29, 2007

If you ever wanted to throw a Senator out of a plane...

On Saturday, October 13th Georgia State Senator Preston Smith is planning to jump out of an airplane to help support the Sexual Assault Center of Northwest Georgia, which provides services and support for survivors of sexual violence in the Rome, GA area.

In his email announcing the event, Senator Smith says, “The way I figure it, some will want to help support me in this charitable endeavor. Others would just want to pay to see me thrown out of an airplane." You can make a donation to support him and the SAC by visiting:

As a former volunteer of the SAC in Rome, I'm grateful to Senator Smith for throwing caution – and himself – to the wind! However, I'm not as grateful for the hard time he's giving the public defenders- thus I went ahead and made my donation to support his plane jump. It works on so many levels!

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Beck said...

That is brilliant. Hah! I enjoy the process on each of its various levels. xoxoxo