Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Oh you were a vampire...

I'm so excited for this Thursday night's brilliance from the 10 High: A tribute night to one of my all-time favorite bands: Concrete Blonde!

A handful of bands/artists will play a few songs each by the Blonde for our reminiscing pleasure. And I want to see you lovelies there too! If you ever:
  • wore fake vampire teeth to high school- and it wasn't Halloween;

  • watched and re-watched Concrete Blonde videos to determine and replicate the exact way Johnette applied her eyeliner, bleached streaks in her hair and/or cut her bangs

  • created art projects of newspaper roses growing out of shattered mirrors to visually display the lyrics to "Roses Grow";

  • sat in your dark basement burning candles and maybe your arms as you contemplated the depth of "Tomorrow Wendy" and the global AIDS epidemic;
  • wrapped your naked self in Christmas lights to do your own version of the Walking In London cover shoot...

then YOU should be at the 10 High on Thursday night! Have a drink, walk around, and meet me at 816 N. Highland Ave., 9pm $5 cover. This is the latest in a series of tributes being brought to us by the 10 High- next week is Cash/Hendrix which I will also harass you about.

Post script: Check out Holy Shit We're Gettin' Hitched's LOVELY post about this beautiful night. Yay fishnets!

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Beck said...

Last night was waaaaay cool! Yay. I cannot wait to go back. I'm soooo glad that I got to see you my friend. xoxoxoxoxox, Beck