Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Blah Girl Weekend

A new Blah Girl, at the corner of Chester and Fulton Terrace in Reynoldstown.

I really love this one, sideways and cheery.

The original Blah Girl -the one featured on my blog banner- was on Boulevard in between the Fulton Cotton Mill lofts and the Oakland Cemetery wall. The first time I saw her I couldn't stop smiling and thanked my lucky stars that I always carry my camera. Sadly, she was painted over a while ago.

I'm happy to share that the original spot once again is ornamented with a new Blah Girl- saw her for the first time today.

Again, I want to send out gratitude to the Blah Girl creator.

THANK YOU for the surprise and joy seeing her always gives me.


Anonymous said...

Please, please don't praise graffiti in our community!! I am a REynoldstown resident.

Sara Ashes said...

no sympathy from this Blah Girl. I love it. Sorry dude, but thanks for stumbling by....