Monday, October 29, 2007

The Heavenly Halloween Party from Hell

What a fabulous night we had on Saturday at this year's Hodi-Totonchi Family Halloween Party! This year the theme was Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell, and after this weekend, we know we have friends in both places.

From angels to villains and dead presidents to revolutionaries, we had it all this year. There were beautiful goddess and devil-horn worthy rock n' rollers. We saw friends and enemies of Batman, a chainsaw-wielding pumpkin king and even the biggest Cookie Monster in Atlanta. And who even knew that Iraqula was such a karaoke superstar?! We're so happy you all came and made this year's Halloween party the best ever.

Our pictures are in the slideshow above and bigger versions are here as an album. Also be sure to check out our friend Delicious Food's report and photos of the party. Be sure to give ol' DF a much-deserved hard time.

We would love to see the pictures you took. Please send links or files to sara.totonchi at and we'll add them on here so we can all check them out.

NEW: Pictures from Malissa -the Slutacious Fires of Hell and Dawn - the Black Widow (raise your hands if YOU scrubbed Dawn's lipstick off your cleavage on Sunday!)
Both get Gold Skull Awards!

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Vanessa said...

iraqula? omg, that's priceless. so sad to have missed it. looks like it was a blast. xoxo. i love that hazem was a fucking priest! yes!