Monday, October 8, 2007


Green painted toenails, black glittery fingernails, purple streaks in my hair, a vampire book in my bag, and the iPod alternating between Concrete Blonde and Pigface… have I time warped back to high school? Yikes- “time warp” makes me think of Rocky Horror… maybe I should go see that sometime. Okay, don't let me.


Red-Handed Jill said...

Just for the record: i learned today in one of my social work classes that regression is actually an adaptive ego function. No need to worry unless you your regression becomes maladaptive... like peeing in the corner of your roomie's bedroom.

This psychological learning moment has been brought to you by the letters M, S and W and the number $36,000.

Beck said...

I haven't seen that since high school in Kalamazoo... Always wanted to throw toast in the Plaza... hint hint!