Saturday, October 13, 2007

Carnival is in Town

The new Georgia Blog Carnival is hot off the press- check out some great writing from Georgia bloggers in the last two weeks. I just love Living Among the Dead, about some of the history of Oakland Cemetery, which I recently photographed. Though I've spent countless hours sitting at Potters Field, painting, writing, drinking champagne, I had thought only poor people were buried, there. Not so says Elementary History Teacher:
Another section, Potter’s Field, possible contains the remains of more than 17,000 people. Traditionally with a name like Potter’s Field you would expect to have only indigent people buried there. However, once all the lots were gone Atlantans still wanted to be buried at Oakland, and were willing to go to an unmarked grave by choice simply to have the privilege of resting within its confines.


Prince Hamilton said...

I could not understand a thing but just felt like letting you know someone passed by.

Sara Ashes said...

wow, didn't think i was too hard to understand, but you hang in there....?