Sunday, October 5, 2008

Autumn Mourning

This is the painting I bought this afternoon at Oakland Cemetery's Sunday in the Park. It's called Autumn Mourning and was painted by a lovely woman named Angie Wehunt. It is mixed media: oil pastels, tissue paper, acrylic and even tiny gold flakes that look like tear drops from her right eye. All of her work is vibrant and made me smile, but this one was by far the darkest of Angie's paintings, so naturally it was the one I was drawn to.

I hung it in my bedroom -it looks perfect on my Atlanta-sky-blue walls. I've already twice walked by it and automatically pressed my palm to her face. I actually had to resist the urge to kiss her on her tiny heart shaped lips. I couldn't be more happy that I have this beautiful piece that reflects the loss but also hope that I feel during my autumn, mourning.

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Reem Tara said...

Beautiful! can't wait to see it - and you - in person!