Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fairy Godmothers and Godfathers

Sometimes I'm amazed at the incredible fortune I've had in my life. In particular, I'm amazed at some of the most incredible people I've been so lucky to know and call my friends.

Like Steve and Charlotta. Sitting in their home last night, feeling the warmth, history and character of all they are. Charlotta, the most loyal and dear friend you could ever dream of having- her love like a quilt, complicated and careful, sewn strong to keep you warm and safe against all odds. And Steve, the one who took a chance on an insecure 23 year old and opened doors in my world that I never dreamed possible. When I think about him in his element, particularly in the US Supreme Court, it brings tears of pride to my eyes and incredible humility to my heart. I still blush when I receive his messages of praise. I am hesitant to contemplate my sadness of the them ultimately leaving Atlanta.

And Sandy and Jack. Sandy's fearlessness and tenacity for all we believe in- unrelenting courage despite everything in opposition. Her strength, not yielding as she takes hit after hit so publicly from those who don't know yet that we are right. And Jack, whose experiences surpass my imagination who described to me tonight how they passed the law that made it illegal to execute mentally retarded people so many years ago. As he spoke of the conservative legislator who confessed that he had a challenged niece who would do anything anyone told her to do, he clenched his chest and tears crept up in his voice.

I am so moved by you all; I am so lucky.

I don't know what I did, but I am confident that I did something right to have these people, these opportunities in my world. I thank my lucky stars and fairy godmothers. And then I remember that two of my fairy godmothers are in fact, Charlotta and Sandy.

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