Sunday, January 13, 2008

Getting Ready to Walk the Line Again

The Georgia legislative session starts tomorrow. This weekend has been all about getting ready, from some successful suit shopping to downloading new rock n roll (LOVE Thurston Moore's record) that will get me going in the mornings to getting caught up on bills and housekeeping. Freedom is fleeting this time of year for me.

My fabulous friend and lobbyist sister Shelley shared with me that she buys a case of wine at the beginning of each session to see how long it will last. It’s the small joys that get us through these trying times you know. I decided to copycat her and bought my own case yesterday. I'm deeply grateful to Governor Sonny Perdue helping me with my time management by forcing me to buy on Saturdays because of the blue laws. Thanks, man!

In honor of the beginning of the session -- and the premier tonight of Rock of Love 2 YEEAAHH!! -- here's a repost of my tongue-in-cheek pre-session blog from the beginning of the 2007 session.

What's the difference between a groupie and a lobbyist?

Whether we're putting out for justice or putting out for rock n roll… I'm realizing that there's very little that's different between being a groupie and being a lobbyist.

… we flirt with the not-so-cute guys that we're not remotely interested on the way to the guy(s) we like/need.
…we do things that that are morally suspect or cringe-worthy maybe, all in the name of getting what we want/need
…we wear outfits that might otherwise be ridiculous to get attention
… we reward attention from the guys we like/need with way too much, uh, kindness
…we trick them into thinking its their idea to begin with
…we get our way!
…we really get to be the stars we always were

That said, the outfits are better as a groupie for sure!


Beck said...

Solidarity is right sister! It's funny, I don't know if anyone who doesn't work in the legislature understands what the preparation and anticipation feels like. On the best possible note, I cannot wait to see you everyday!

Love you tons,

Reem Tara said...

okay, i want to see some of these "outfits." not the groupie ones...the lobbyist ones. yeah, the suits.

amy veecee said...

i am grateful that we shared one of your bottles of wine during the session.

another? soon?